This page is dedicated to displaying the changelog and updates for Ayo Icons. This allows you to easily track what's new on our end.

19 Mar 2024V 2.2

6k+ icons in total

  • Added new 101 icons.
  • 15 icons from the Arrow category and 86 icons from the Business category.
  • By calculating the new numbers, Ayo Icons have 6k+ icons in total. A new achievement is unlocked.
  • View the updated icons here or view all of our icons.

19 Feb 2024V 2.1

February updates

  • Hooray, Figma file ready 🥳 In this initial version, all 5916 icons have been added to the Figma file with components ready for use. You can start using them immediately for your Figma project.
  • Icons viewer. Now you can view all of our icons from a Figma preview. I know I know, Ayo Icons don't have the web app to view all of the icons yet at this moment. But we will have it one day. Complete with the search ability, stay tune and keep supporting us :)
  • Modify some text copy and featured image to match with the current updates

21 Jan 2024V 2.0

Launched Ayo Icons V2 🎉

  • Use AYOICONSV2 code at checkout to get 25% OFF
  • Added new Regular style
  • Added new 1982+565 icons, +2547 more icons from the 1.0 version
  • Revamped the Ayo Icons' website
  • Add new pricing tier
  • Remove the free plan