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Save your time with a ready-to-use and cohesive icon set that adapts to your projects. Free updates and update regularly. Buy once, use it forever.

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Icons in total. Available in Light, Regular, and Filled styles.


Categories to adapt for your projects. We have pretty diverse collections.


Starter pack icons for you to try out Ayo Icons for just $1. Try for $1.


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The iconic asset to level up your creativity

It is difficult to find a good, affordable icon set with great features. That is why we created Ayo Icons – so you can focus on creating rather than hunting for icons.

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Human-powered works and passion

To ensure the high quality works of all of the icons, every shape is created and crafted by a real human, no AI-generated images are included in the creation process :)

24 x 24

Ayo Icons based on a 24px grid with a minimum 2px safe area, ensuring a consistent and crisp appearance across all screens and media.

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Figma file

Ready to use on our most favorite design tool, Figma! Organized components.

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Organized icons

Each icon is named as how it looks and neatly organized within its category.

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Blazing fast

You don't have to worry about a gigantic file size in your storage. We optimized all of our icons.

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Finest support

We reply to emails faster than the sun goes down. Seriously, feel free toemail us

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